Here is a quick list of some countries we ship to regularly:
 – Austria
 – Belgium
 – Croatia
 – Czech Republic
 – Denmark
 – Estonia
 – Finland
 – France
 – Germany
 – Greece
 – Hungary
 – Italy
 – Latvia
 – Lithuania
 – Netherlands
 – Portugal
 – Romania
 – Slovakia
 – Slovenia
 – Spain
  United States
 – United Kingdom (including Channel Islands)
If you can’t find your country listed in our store, please contact us or send us an email to tiago@sapateiro.wine and we will check if there are ways to ship the goods to you.

I'm from the USA. Will I pay duties on the wine?

No, there is no extra taxes/duties to be paid after you have ordered your wine.

How long does it take to deliver to the USA?

On average 15 utility days.

Can I track my packages?

Yes, all the packages we send have a tracking code. We will give you access to the link, so you know  where your pckage is and when to expect it to be delivered.

How many dayes does it take to deliver the package(s)?

1-2 working days to Portugal and Spain;
3-5 working days to France, Germany, Netherlands, etc.
7-8 working days to North and Eastern Europe.
15 working days to the USA and United Kingdom.

The rule is simple: the further from Portugal, and the more paperwork there is to be filled, the longer it takes.