About Us

Our Story

Out of passion, a shoe businessman decided to plant a small parcel of vines on his farm.

When people were in the store, curious to taste his wines, asked if they could take a bottle with them.

Before he noticed, word started to be passed around, and now people were going to the store to shop for his wines instead of his shoes.

The Project

Located in Tabuado, Marco de Canaveses, you can find the beautiful Wine Estate of 50 000 m2 that gives the name to the family produced wines Sapateiro.

Vineyard, fruit trees, plants, animals, a wine cellar and a great view to the city of Marco de Canaveses, makes this Wine Estate a quiet place which people love to visit.

Here we produce high-quality boutique wines made with autochthonous grape varietals, all carefully selected and hand-picked.

All our bottles are individually enumerated – a way to show our small and special production, and the corks hold a surprise for you as well, therefore don’t forget to check them.

Our production is around 25 000 bottles per year and at the moment we produce around ten different wines; they are small batches or micro-vinifications in such small quantities that at the time you read this, some of them are likely to be sold out.

Tiago is responsible for the project and aims to protect the region’s authenticity while searching for modern styles that will enhance the wine experience to its clientele. We also look forward to building a great farm and providing fantastic wine tourism programs to our guests.
We already do tastings in our humble facilities, so… if you are curious to make a visit, get in contact and book one.